Campaign FAQs

Why do we need Phase II? Could the money we are raising be put to better use?

There is no doubt that our responsibilities are first to doing Christ’s work here on earth. Still, nearly all of our buildings are more than 50 years old and in need of significant repair, renovation or replacement. From structural issues to inadequate electrical systems, ADA compliance problems to providing the appropriate environment for a 21st century Catholic education, our facilities are truly at the point where they are beginning to hamper our ability to sustain our legacy as a thriving faith community.

How were these needs determined?

After a group of parents began advocating for a new school gym/cafeteria and kitchen, the Pastoral Council, Finance Committee, and Buildings & Grounds Committee embarked on an assessment of the condition of all parish buildings and grounds. Several parishioners and friends of OLA in construction related fields conducted a series of studies to assess the parish facilities, their current state, maintenance needs, and future growth requirements without cost to the parish. Their findings showed that many of OLA’s buildings and equipment are almost at the end of their useful life spans.

Who will benefit from these projects?

Every parishioner, school student and family, and Carmichael community members. Whether attending school in a modern classroom, conducting a ministry session in a new meeting room, hosting a reception or sports event, or simply gathering OLA’s faith community for a special event, all of us will benefit from these projects. Revitalizing our parish campus will ensure the future of OLA by:

  • Building on our tradition as a vibrant Catholic community that welcomes and inspires new and current parishioners;
  • Encouraging parents to choose OLA for their children’s Catholic education; and thus,
  • Helping build on and strengthen the number of OLA parishioners from current and future Catholic Christians.

How much is every family expected to give?

There is no “set” amount requested. We are asking every family to prayerfully consider a gift of equal sacrifice. This amount looks different for every family as financial needs and abilities vary with every household.

I donate money regularly at mass and/or through school fundraisers. Will those funds be used for this campaign?

No. It is important to note that the Capital Campaign is a special way to meet the parish’s needs that cannot be met through the weekly offertory or school fundraisers. Therefore, any gift to the capital campaign should be viewed as above and beyond your weekly offering and school contributions, which support the day-to-day operations of the parish and school.

Why do I need to fill out a pledge card?

Pledging to the campaign helps us anticipate what funds we will be receiving to help with our planning and budgeting for the projects. Pledges can be made over a five-year period. Your gift can include any combination of cash, deferred gifts, marketable securities, real estate or a partnership interest in real property. Your pledge can start and end at your convenience. We are also open to discussing other options or terms that you might deem appropriate, and we will be as flexible as possible to enable you to make the largest gift possible.

Can I make a one-time gift?

Yes. Some choose to make their gift over the multi-year pledge period in order to make giving generously more affordable. Others choose to make a single investment with a check, cash, credit card, or gift of stock.

The economy is challenging right now. What happens if I make my pledge and then my income changes?

One of the benefits of a five-year pledge period is that it allows time for the economy to improve, permits Our Lady of the Assumption to move forward with much-needed repairs, and gives parishioners an opportunity to make a sacrificial gift more affordable by spreading it over several years. If a family’s financial situation should change – either positively or negatively – simply re-evaluate the size and terms of your gift and notify the parish campaign office.

Is my gift to the Capital Campaign tax deductible?

Yes. All gifts to the Building on the Cornerstone Phase I and II campaigns are tax deductible to the extent the law provides. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your personal tax situation.


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