Vocations Committee

Called to a ministry of fostering vocations, especially to ordained ministry and religious life. The committee's tasks include organizing a campaign of prayer for vocations, creating Parish awareness of vocations, and inviting individuals to consider the call to be a priest, deacon, sister, or brother.

Pray With Us!

Pray with Us! Holy Rosary with Fr. Eduino, Fr. Memo. (Response in Portuguese)

Vocations Prayer

Loving God, You speak to us and nourish us through the life of this church community. In the name of Jesus, we ask you to send your Spirit to us so that men and women among us, young and old, will respond to your call to service and leadership in the church. We pray, especially, in our day, for those who hear your invitation to be a priest, sister, brother, or deacon; and also for those called to be a spouse or single person. May those who are opening their hearts and minds to your call be encouraged and strengthened through our enthusiasm in your service.  Amen.

Interested in Helping Pray for Vocations?

Please contact Deacon Paul and Sharon Friedrich at 916-481-5115, or via email at deaconpaul@olaparish.net.